Choosing a Career


Life is a continuous journey of growth and self-exploration. Indian Vedic Astrology is a unique blend of Divine science and spirituality. In modern times it has emerged as a powerful tool for personal growth and fulfillment. Career is always case specific and the true manifestation of the person comes only through perfect understanding of the positive and negative traits during his personality development. An Astrological Career Report indicates inclinations and possibility of success in the realm of career and profession. It can also point more than just one profession which will bring success & fortune for the native.

This detailed Choose your Career Report would be personally and manually written by Mr. Narinder Juneja and compromises of

1. Examines the strength and position of planets in your horoscope
2. Which Vocation is suitable for you considering the strong and favorable planets associated with it.
3. Does Business or Job meant for you ?
4. Natal and transit influences of malefic planets
5. Impact of Main and forthcoming Sub periods
6. When is your Career going to take Take-off ?
7. Prescribe Astrological remedies and advice to strengthen Benefic Plants (if required)


Avail the benefits of Divine Science of Vedic Astrology. Make informed career decisions with astrology. Find out how your weaknesses and strengths affect your work habits, what career fits you, and more with the valuable advice in our reports & readings. Get an in-depth look at your strengths and weaknesses, what motivates you, and what jobs will bring you success

In our effort to provide the young and hesitant aspirant as to what should be the next plan of action in the realm of career line, benefit from this new service

Charges 25  USD






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